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What We Do

IT and Operations Management

The flow of information is the lifeblood of any business, regardless of size. We provide entrepreneurs and small company CEOs with the hands-on expertise to solidify IT operations for either the short or long term. Our team is highly experienced, objective, and fully accountable to the goals of your organization.

Internet and Ecommerce

We have the experience and expertise to build and maintain an online presence that can support and enhance your business for any type of end user or consumer.

Omni-Channel Retail Operations

We’ve established a strong track record of helping retail clients build customer-focused, entrepreneurial organizations that drive consistent long-term results, all while helping you develop a unified, 360-degree view of your customer across all channels.

Private Equity Due Diligence

While you can’t eliminate the risks that go along with entering an equity relationship with a privately held company, you can mitigate them. Our expertise in the consumer products and services and Omni-channel retail markets can help you gain a more comprehensive understanding of a potential partner’s business.


Supply Chain and Warehouse Management

Growth can frequently challenge supply chain, logistics, and fulfillment capabilities. While we would not claim to know more about developing supplier relationships and sourcing all raw materials and components better than your team, we can help streamline the management of both the front and back end of the supply chain, which often requires efficient demand planning and forecasting, as well as optimal, cost effective warehouse and fulfillment solutions.


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