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Our Difference

One Stop Shopping

We have the capabilities to manage all aspects of an engagement, from assessment to strategy development to flawless hands-on execution. Unlike larger consulting companies that tend to focus on one part of the process, or require various subject matter experts to staff the project, we provide a complete start to finish, single-source capability. Our focus is on conception to clarification; integration to implementation.


Building Collaborative Relationships

We understand that solutions have more than one constituency. Our experience working with small to mid-size company CEOs, entrepreneurs, private equity investors, and members of senior management in total collaboration helps to ensure that everyone is on board with every aspect of a jointly developed plan, and understands what success will look like.


A Simple For You Approach

We speak the language of the entrepreneur, the small to mid-size company CEO, private equity investor, or management team member. We leave out the jargon, and keep things clear, concise, and simple.


Complex Engagement Management

Most consultants can manage a single project; CCMC will coordinate all the moving parts of a multi-faceted project across the enterprise keeping the big picture in mind, with timely communication and issue resolution.


Training and Knowledge Transfer

Our goal isn't to replace management, but rather to work closely with your team to help you identify what you already do well, and to supplement your strengths. More importantly, we help build on those strengths and execute smooth knowledge transfer to leave your organization more capable when future challenges arise.


Can Do/Get It Done Approach

We work side-by-side with our clients, in the trenches. This enables us to build stronger working relationships and helps us to better understand the challenges you're facing. We've brought this "can do" approach to countless engagements across multiple industries.


It's All About the Customer

We're dedicated to helping our clients build and maintain better long-term connections with their consumers. This relentless focus helps us more effectively structure engagements around your unique needs.

Technology Agnostic

We are totally technology agnostic.  Each company’s needs are unique and each technology decision needs to fit. With many years of experience, CCMC can quickly identify a short list of potential solutions. From there, each vendor must win the engagement on their own merits.


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