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Omni-Channel Retail Operations

"It's All About the Customer"

CCMC brings a strong customer service focus to all of its engagements, keeping a laser focus on the needs of a client company's ultimate customer or consumer. In today's Omni-Channel retail world, when consumers expect seamless visibility and execution regardless of their preferred channel of engagement, keeping a "Single View of the Customer" across all channels is essential. CCMC helps to develop or refine the necessary strategy and detailed steps to make this happen.


Platform Evaluation

We conduct Omni-Channel platform evaluations, with a focus on RFI/RFP development and resulting project management.


Systems Analysis & Implementation

We’re able to lend our expertise to a diverse range of processes, including upgrading point of sale (POS) systems, enhancing customer relationship management (CRM), streamlining inventory management, and making warehousing and fulfillment more efficient.


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